SKINCARE Haul & Secrets – Watch More About It !!!

SKINCARE Haul & Secrets : I pretty people it is crystal and today i am sharing with you a mini skincare hall i bought just a couple of items of skincare and although it’s not an extravaganza so there are a few key items and I thought this would also be a good opportunity to share some quick skincare information with you the first item up is Mac cleanse off oil a lot of people sleep on this product but I promise you actually very good and it’s surprisingly high quality who actually for the price i guess it should be high quality but here it is Max cleanse off oil and it’s a great foil for makeup remover and as the first step in your skincare now skincare cleansing should be to step and I’m going to explain that in another video but keep that in mind that some of you may not work for mac for quite a few years and I know a lot of the products like the back of my hand another trick that some of us love to use was to clean our brushes especially the brushes that have white ears with it i would put a couple of drops of this in with the brush cleanser and that would really pull out any stubborn makeup so that shows you what it does for breaking down makeup and brushes and getting it off of your skin at the end of the day

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