Meditate Take Control Immune System – Read More Now !!!

Meditate Take Control Immune System : today’s guided meditation is about cleansing the body of negative energy and boosting your immune system the mind-body connection powerfully affects our immune system so this quick tool will help you stimulate your immune system so you can start feeling better begin lying on your back or sitting on a comfortable chair with your feet firm to the ground and your hands placed palms up on your knees feel the harder surfaces push against your body your feet your back your shoulders and your head feel this connection deeply as you begin to feel more grounded and relaxed let all your tension go take a deep breath in and out in and out when inhaling imagine yourself breathing in warm nourishing and healing white light this light comes from the source of all things when exhaling breathe out the stale darkened energy that may be contributing to your illness at this time breathe in the white light and out the darkness continue this breathing as we take this meditation and little deeper the healing light you are breathing in is extending to all areas of your body now from your head your lungs your belly down to your fingertips and your toes it is illuminating every organ and every cell activating them to function optimally this surge of energy is allowing yourselves and your tissue to heal as the cells are being stimulated vibrate at a higher frequency continue breathing out the darkened energy your cells are now getting lighter stronger and cleansed the healing is now taking place take a few cleansing breaths here in and out in and out you may remain here for as long as you wish when you are ready you can begin to bring your awareness back to the room by wiggling your toes and your fingers

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