Levitra – Super ED Drug With Powerful Erection In 15 Minutes

Levitra: seems to be another ED drug among more renowned erectile helpers on the market. It has Vardenafil as its main active ingredient. The activation of the key component happens within 15 minutes after intake and keeps action for about 2 hours. The rate of absorption of the drug reduces with intake of at food. Alcohol does not affect the action of the medication. However alcohol reduces the ability to get strong erection. Moreover, alcohol abuse is one of key reasons of temporary ED. Levitra is not recommended during severe alcohol intoxication.

Levitra is a PDE5 inhibitor that is why the mechanism of action of this medication is similar to other drugs of the class.

How Does Levitra Work?

Levitra is a PDE5 class inhibitor and it affects the penile muscles, relaxing them and enabling to get saturated with blood better. Clinical trials have proved that Levitra can last about 4-5 hours, however Levitra reviews prove otherwise and say that Levitra effect seizes within 2 hours after intake. But it starts acting faster than Viagra. If you choose Levitra vs. Viagra then think about the leisure time you plan. If you are going to have a single sexual intercourse at night, then your choice is Viagra. If you do not know for sure, whether you will have sex or not within the next hours then Levitra is your choice. It starts working in the body in 15 minutes. This time is quite enough to get sexually stimulated and to arouse your partner for super-hot sex. You should remember that even maximum Levitra dosage will not perform erection in your body without sexual stimulation. This can be visual or physical but it is an essential condition for erection to happen.

Where To Buy Levitra?

Levitra is available online as original so generic version. Generic Levitra is the same medication as original drug, however it is cheaper. Levitra is a safe ED drug performing mild side effects and featuring almost no contraindications. Levitra should not be taken with other ED drugs and nitrites. Levitra is forbidden in women and kids. Levitra should only be prescribed to patients of the age 18-21 and after 55.

Levitra online is the best choice for everyone. Buying Levitra online you keep your intimate problem private, save time and costs as well as to get original or generic Levitra very fast.

Levitra price online is 25% lower than of the pills in offline pharmacy stores. Besides, shopping online you can find Levitra coupon with will provide additional discount.

There are two types of ED which are commonly diagnosed in patients. Temporary ED will seize when the cause will disappear. The causes of temporary ED are sexually transmitting diseases, traumas, chronic urinary tract infections and psychological causes as mental stress, fatigue and excessive workouts.

Permanent ED can be age related or caused with severe diseases as infections or serious diseases as cancer, malformations, paraplegia, etc. In most cases permanent ED cannot be cured. However it can be helped with ED drugs. In case of both types of ED original and generic Levitra will effectively help to develop strong erection each time you need it.

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