January Beauty Favorites 2017 Skincare

January Beauty Favorites 2017 Skincare hey guys welcome back to today’s videos so we are here with my January beauty favorites i have makeup i have skin care i have hair care got a little bit of everything today so I’m just going to jump in and get started if you want to see what I’ve been loving and reaching for the most this month then just keep on watching all right let’s start with this right here this little five-dollar lip liner by color pops is in the shade skimpy i have this on right now is my lip liner I’ve been using it all month long it is creamy is long-lasting and it’s the perfect like light paint kin dog nu die pink color that’s the color right here and it is perfect with every pink or nude lipstick OK so let’s talk about two blushes that I completely love having reaching for so much this one right here I don’t even know where you can find that when i try to search for not link it down below for you guys is by the bomb cosmetics and I don’t know where you can get them anymore it’s the ball beach of blood and it is the perfect kind of like warm like bronze shade blushes what I’m wearing today and I’ve been loving it so much it’s one of those colors that you guys know I love that kind of just blend it with your bronze and just kind of warms up your skin it is beautiful it looks like this comes with a little mirror and then that’s the color blush right here so you can see the color right here it’s kind of like that peachy kind of tan bronze shade when you sweep it on your cheek sand blend in with your bronze it just warms up your skin and gives you that like warm glow to your skin it’s amazing what a little bit more bricks right here I feel like I’m never wearing a large like in videos so i feel like you could never see my blush rope there because Just wear my blush natural like I want every single day but for videos and feel like I should wear a little bit more buyout see that my gosh it’s so perfect Just absolutely and in love with this blush that alright so the other blogs that I’ve been loving is one that i just recently shared with you in my mac hall it’s the mac casual color keep it lose its the lip and cheek color is that cream type of formula i love these casual colors by Mac I wear them on my cheeks all the time they’re even really great on her lips so I love that they’re kind of like a two-in-one formula shade right here is so stinking gorgeous on your cheeks on her lips like the perfect peachy pink and i have been wearing this so much lately i love stand here is that swatch up close you can see how it will give your skin is beautiful glow at the same time but doesn’t budge it doesn’t slide around even when you have more or the skin is really just sink into your skin so for eye shadows if you look in the description box where i list my makeup under every single video you would have seen that i have used this so much the entire month it’s the bizarre the theory pallets is the mix shade it’s like that warmth own kind of colors it is so beautiful that’s what I wear on my eyes today I don’t even have eyeliner on Just world a couple of these shadows only eyelids quick and that was it for the day but I’ve been using this almost every single day this month the colors are just absolutely amazing what I used today was this colors medium brown shades in my crease then I put this cream tone on the lid and then i applied this little shady shade right here over top on the lid as well and that’s all Did for today he’s just four out of thesis colors you can get a good idea of what they look like the pigmentation Parisian Glow

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