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Health Benefits Deep Breathing : when it’s dr. hart and i’ve been a practicing chiropractor for 14 years I regularly deal with patients who are stressed who have acute or chronic pain and daily I am rendering care to people who sit in front of computers from 830 in the morning till five thirty in the evening it’s something from which a lot of people develop significant muscle tension partial strain chronic headaches visual strain and one of the most basic pieces of recommendation i give other than postural changes is the recommendation that a person who’s sitting at a desk in front of a computer begin to to focus on respiration it’s not a coincidence that any method of stress reduction improved focusing pain relief focuses on respiration breathing is one of the most basic of all physiological functions and it’s one of the few physiological functions we can quickly altar for those people who sit in front of a desk regularly the tendency especially when they’re on the computer is to get so engaged with the task at hand with the deadline with the timeline that they forget to breathe but breathing particularly abdominal breathing to breathe in and allow the admin to expand into exhale and have the abdomen recede is crucial to proper oxygenation of the body and particularly in the case of someone is at a computer the brain and to do so is to is to become focused again on relaxation and to oxygenate the brain and therefore to reduce the physiological effects of the timeline the job at hand too many tasks too many things on the mind and therefore anything that directs that employee that individual to respiration almost certainly makes them more time efficient more focused less irritable more relaxed and ultimately that improves their productivity in the mood food so cliche but it is so true that stress is at the core of most chronic diseases definitely true of heart disease almost certainly true of cancer immunological disorders almost always have a stress component there for anything that reduces your stress is good for you so proper respiration requires movement during inhalation of the diaphragm downward when that happens the abdominal contents are forced out of the way by coming forward so proper breathing is such that when you inhale your belly comes out and then when you exhale it receives when that happens you’re taking full advantage of the lung capacity most people especially when they’re an issue when they’re in a stressful environment or they’re preoccupied with other tasks at hand they tend to breathe only in their chests which means that the long or the lungs are being used to maybe half of their capacity such as the error is moving out of the total height of the lungs only within the top half of the lungs with proper breathing the entire error is exchanged for the fresh oxygen is coming into the system and when that happens the brain is more thoroughly oxygenated and when the brain is more thoroughly oxygenated you have more energy and less fatigue you are more focused your memory is enhanced your muscular tension is reduced so consequently i regularly recommend regular abdominal breathing as much as is possible throughout the day and definitely to the patient has a lot of stress a lot of muscle tension and as in an environment where there’s a lot of intensity i recently had a chance to try out with actual staff members of mine a tool that on on the computer it basically stimulates regular awareness of respiration and as skeptical as they were the following day they both reported at the front desk those who are on the computer essentially most of the day that not only while they were from the computer but later on they actually visualize this thing called the pulse bar like when they were driving home and and what that told me was that it was creating it and an impact on them that would definitely help manage your stress reduce their attention and probably make them more productive workers so I so far i can say i love this product

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