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Headstand Benefits Daily : hey guys one of my favorite subjects of the moment and I’ve been dabbling in and out of the year by year is doing handstands or hand balancing depending on if you’re from a capoeira background which is Brazilian martial arts or yoga or even gymnastics as different variations of something called hand balancing so as the name hand balancing there’s this idea of actually being in tune of your hands the ground there’s also the strengthening element of there and is also the flexibility element of it so it’s a great way of getting flexibility strength and improved posture also it can be done on a map if you’re braver where you do it progressively from the ground from a downward dog position and just kick one leg at a time upwards if you feel really scared about doing it it’s better to you know even have a massive environment or a wall by you and so what you’ll do is do a handstand against the wall and the other thing about handsome one hand balancing is it’s really good for lengthening out the spine once you’ve got the feet against the wall because what happens is you you’re in a long tulle position the triceps stretched out the shoulders are stretched out the back gets a lot nice arch and the legs are lengthened out above head and the last benefit that i think is a great thing is the similars for the brain and all the blood going from the feet down into the brain so a lot of blood flushing which is great for moving the body so i hope this helps and I have you ever try out rocket yoga which is a great version of doing handstands or capital gymnastics or even get into a a good personal trainer like myself and try that out so you can break it down

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