Grapes Resveratrol Benefits By Dr. Nicki – Scam Read Now it !!!

Grapes Resveratrol Benefits : for most of us these bizarre otherworldly shapes are strangely beautiful but the world’s best aging researchers see something entirely different they see the answer two possible the most important and complex question of all time dr. Sinclair as I look here I’m seeing very cute little colored cubes well these little cubes are actually the the protein in their bodies that we believe controls the aging process if he is right dr. David Sinclair has found one of the genetic keys that will reset our biological clocks I think we would pass the turning-point interrupt our understanding of the aging process how did he discover these proteins this looks like a barcode but it’s really a nap of our genome the blueprint for human life stored in every cell in our body a few of these genes play a key role in the speed at which our cells age dr. Sinclair randomly tested tens of thousands of cells searching for the chemical that would activate those jeans we found them by accident we stumbled upon this molecule from red wine and when I i looked on the computer what is this resveratrol and found it was in red wine I almost fell off my chair because of course we all have heard that red wine is good for you just so happens I have been one to help how much of this when I have to drink to really make a difference well our experiments tell us probably about a thousand bottles a day so that was not the solution dr. Sinclair then went back to the lab and found a way to make resveratrol 1,000 times more public so what does it do in the body well what we have discovered is that resveratrol works on a gene which is called 31 and this is a gene that controls the aging process virtual seeks out that gene and switches it on and with that gene activated in the mouse on the right by a high dose of resveratrol she quickly turned into a mini Olympian running twice as far as the untreated mouse on the left and they were eating high-fat time a fatty diet and they live just as long as a lean healthy males which means that they didn’t get heart disease cancer osteoporosis and they lived thirty percent longer can you do this in humans with the same exact gene and we think that resveratrol could have similar benefits and people realizing the blockbuster potential for his new pill Sinclair teamed up with bio tech entrepreneur Christmas followed together raising more than a hundred million dollars for further research and we think that we can increase healthy life span so if you’re in you’re a tease you’ll be behaving as if you were in your fifties in the first human trial our form of resveratrol successfully treated type 2 diabetes one of the major diseases of aging if everything goes very well we will seek regulatory approval from the FDA in the next five years i think a lot of people will say you’re raising expectations this can’t possibly happen if I answer that is agree but it’s true but what else can I say aging is really a set of diseases and if we slow them down and cure them people will live longer healthier lives and you’re talking especially now about diabetes and Alzheimer’s so the major killers of Western society are exactly the diseases that should be able to be treated with the drugs were developing well you know what dr. Nicki

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