Eyes Reveal Health 3 – Your Eye Color Reveals About You

Eyes Reveal Health 3: someone’s eyes can tell you a lot about that person like if they’re flirting with you if they are intoxicated and sometimes if they are lying our eyes are known as the windows to our souls and sometimes passages to another dimension but the color of our eyes could be the code that unlocks the secret of who we are as people so what is your eye color say about you black eyes black eyes form when there is a large concentration of melanin in the iris people who have true black eyes are very rare and it’s believed that people with very dark brown eyes are considered to have black eyes people with this eye color are known to be very trustworthy and reliable and can possibly be shy in their early years as they get older they focus on financial and emotional security people with black eyes are also known to be very kind and would rather talk about spirituality and not other people brown eyes brown eyes are the most common eye color in the world they are formed when a person has more melanin in there iris than a person with light eyes someone with this eye color is known to be loyal independent and have a knack for exploring these traits make people with brown eyes the best leaders because they exude strength and confidence brown eyes are also known for their keen sense of elegance no matter the occasion brown eyed people will show up in style and flow with grace people rocky brown eyes are also considered very adorable because they are known to cheer others up and make them laugh hazel eyes hazel eyes are  another rare breed of eye color they usually consists of different shades of blue green and brown it’s tricky to pinpoint this eye color since there are so many variations of it these colored eyes are so unique because the mixture of melanin and light reflect properties that can be very different from one has the right person to the next people supporting this eye color are set to bore easily and may not bode well in long relationships their sense of adventure and passion for risk-taking may play a part in their tendency to be unengaged when not stimulated this eye color may also indicate that a person is sharp witty and unpredictable because a person with hazel eyes likes to avoid conflict they learn from an early age how to be sharp and cunning when conflict occurs blue eyes blue eyes first started showing up around six thousand to ten thousand years ago and everyone who has this eye color are linked to one common 2 ancestor the blue eye color occurred when a mutation formed in this ancestor had switched off the ability for that person to create brown eyes people with this eye color have less concentration for melanin in there iris than brown eyed people some cultures were brown eyes are common see blue eyes as a curse people with this I Cullerton to be most attracted to each other they aren’t alone because most people agree that blue eyes are the most attractive I color blue eyed people are also deeds at least trustworthy but are good and strategic thinkers so they might be able to con others easily violet eyes violet eyes are among the rarest I color someone with these colored eyes have what is known as Alexandria’s Genesis the myth that makes up this mutation dates back to ancient Egypt when a bright light formed in the sky

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