My Everyday Skincare Routine! How I Fixed My Dry + Dull Skin

My Everyday Skincare Routine! How I Fixed My Dry + Dull Skin: Oh business with them down I got wheeled down hi guys welcome back to my channel if you are new or my name is haley i am a lifestyle content creator here on youtube if you guys are interested in wellness fitness DIYs and productivity than this channels for you so make sure you click that subscribe button so you can be notified when I post new content but today i am sharing with you my skincare routine i have not done the skin care video in years because I personally never find products that i really want to share with you guys because to me just is routine and I never see any results and I’m not really thrilled so it’s like why would i share with you put today I’m so excited because i actually have products that i am like really excited to share with you and I feel like their game changers so let’s get started first my routine is my drug store favorites these are just staple products that I use all the time and then i’m going to share with you guys my new obsession feed America ok so the first product that i want to talk about is been kind of hyped up here on youtube I know for a fact that Christina Brawley has gotten this product and Ally step Dallas this is the pixi glomus with propolis and argon oil you shake it and press I also spray my beauty blender with this instead of water and i just noticed that my makeup goes on much smoother and I have a much more glowy look without looking too shiny or glittery and it is actually very moisturizing i feel like when i put it on because it does have oil it locks it in its not just like spraying hydrating mist also you can’t beat the price point pixie sold at target so it is kind of more that drugstore price point i will have links for this down below I’m about to save you guys a ton of money i was somebody who used to buy makeup wipes all the time they’re like seven dollars for one thing of them and you get like 20 to 30 so like every month i was spending just that if you if you multiply that it’s over a hundred dollars and just makeup wipes co has a their own brand and you get like overtheir ingredients are formulated2:46specifically for them in their own labs2:48I’ve seen so many youtubers talk about2:51going to one of the spas and I’ve always2:53really wanted to try it so when I was Secret Allure

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